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The United Racing Series debuted in 2015, and immediately drew attention from around the province with the formation of the APC United Late Model Series. Fans, drivers, and sponsors alike were left wanting more after a wildly successful inaugural season that saw the championship battle come down to the final laps. The series that took Ontario by storm has continued to grow for years and has brought Late Model racing in Ontario to what it truly should be. The goal of the series continues to bring out top talent and create a racing atmosphere that is one of a kind and something that the racing scene in the province had been without for far too long.

A Series for the Future

Bringing racing to a new level

The United Racing Series is built for today with the future in mind. The two series on tour are set up with a rules package to compliment Late Models and Super Stocks across the province of Ontario and even those outside the province. Staff is in place with the passion and desire needed to maintain current and future triumph, and a driver roster to rival the best in Canadian auto racing. The United Racing Series will not only be today’s best, it will be tomorrow’s best.

Built for Success

Designed with a plan for drivers and fans

The Series is built and set up for long term success in many different ways. The Series has many long term sponsors in place providing financial strength. The key to the success will be helping drivers keep operation costs low while putting on a great show for the fans. Awards are spread throughout the field with many other sponsors providing an array of different awards for the drivers and attracting a growing fan base to each race.

To Be Ontario’s Premier Series

Taking the correct steps to becoming the best

For years Ontario has been a hot bed for auto racing in the Country, however it had been lacking a premier Ontario exclusive series. The APC Series and Super Stock Series are designed and executed in a fashion that has allowed them to become premier series. With everything in place the series is growing at a rapid rate with word spreading quickly that this is in fact the premier series Ontario fans and drivers have been starving for.

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